Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

Stamp: Civil aviation in the GDRImage via WikipediaGreetings from your authors.

I'm Arrival, and this is Crosscheck.

Who are we? 

And why another goddamn clever blog about flying?

We're just regular business folks, who have to fly – sort of a lot, sometimes – for work.

Rather than bemoan the hassles and inhumanity of commercial air travel, we decided to make it into a bit of a hobby. Flying is partially part of our job, and partially something that turns out to be interesting – and even fun sometimes. Or at least, funny.

On the blog we'll write occasional commentaries about all the stuff regular business travelers are familiar with:

  • airports
  • aircraft
  • passengers
  • airlines
  • lounges, and 
  • flight crews. 

We'll also cover the eternal quest for upgrades, news about the industry, horror stories, minor annoyances and the occasional "Hooray!" for good service or other noteworthy wins in the air.

Hope you'll subscribe, and that you'll leave a comment if you like – or despise – what we have to say.

And meanwhile, follow us on the Twitter! We're over there as @ExitRowAisle.

See you at the gate.

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