Monday, February 20, 2012

Now Boarding.....

Two forces have combined to overwhelm the boarding process on UA/CO for the last few weeks:
  1. The pending merger has the GAs announcing every known combination of frequent flier achievement level possible across CO, UA, and the rest of Star Alliance; and
  2. The ability to earn boarding priority by serving in the military (or by having the United Explorer Visa card) means a couple more groups at the gate.
So to save you the trouble of listening for your own group, just remember that this is the current order in which people may board:
  • Uniformed military personnel and Global Services customers as well as Presidential Platinum Elite
  • People traveling with squalling children, or people who need extra time to board, because they have four carry-ons
  • 1K and Star Alliance Gold
  • Premier Executive, Premier, Star Silver, Silver Platinum (Elite), 2K, Star Bronze, Copa Me Mucho, Star Platinum, Silver Elite Gold, and Premier Associates. Oh, and uninformed military personnel
  • United Explorer Visa Card holders with checked bags or outstanding monthly balances
  • Then, seating area 5

Image via Creative Commons

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