Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Post-Flight Questionnaire: Who Was Your Seatmate?

Co-blogger Crosscheck and I fly pretty often (both over 100,000 flight miles last year) but rarely are we traveling together (we live in different countries). So whenever one of us flies, the other always asks:

Who was your seatmate?

Every once in a while there are stories of the Person of Size, the guy with a sleeveless t-shirt (shudder), the teen with oversize laptop computer (more about that in a future post), the Global Services member who sells pistachios for a living, the off-duty pilot, or the hot chick (yeah!).

With that in mind, it occurred to me that there ought to just be a form we can fill out and e-mail to the other the one I created below...

What would you ask about your friend's seatmate?

Airline (and aircraft type):

From (airport code):
To (airport code):

My seatmate was:

_ Empty next to!
_ Male
_ Female
_ Honestly? Not sure

_ Small
_ Medium
_ Large

_ Clean
_ Dirty

_ Totally Quiet
_ Quiet except for "hello" or "may I get up please?"
_ Chatty in a harmless way
_ Flirting
_ Would not fucking shut up

_ Scary looking
_ Average
_ Hot!

_ Dressed casually but OK
_ In goddamn sweats
_ In business attire
_ Functionally? Practically naked.

_ Crying baby
_ Kid (<18)
_ Youngish (18 to 29)
_ Medium age (30s or 40s)
_ Freakin' old! (>40)
_ Old Timer

Probably works as a:   ______



Feel free to use it, and if you get anyone good - drop us a line at

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