Saturday, October 1, 2011

Worth it to Stick with One Carrier to Rack Up Miles?

Short answer: Hell yeah!

Longer, more intelligent and nuanced answer:

In fact, this answer over on Quora, from a fellow named Michael McGraw-Herdeg, so captures the way we feel about frequent flyering that we wanted to share it with you. And if someone asks you how you can stand all that travel, refer them to Michael's insights – we think it's the most articulate explanation of the benefits of brand-commited flight, so we're telling you about it.

Here's an excerpt, which we feels sums it all up so well. According to Michael,
The real benefits of being a frequent traveler on one airline are all about familiarity. If you take 10 flights on American, versus 10 flights on 10 different carriers, you'll start to understand exactly what is going on during your trip. You'll go from "I am a zombie in transit and I hope things work out OK" to "I understand completely what is happening and I have some control over the outcome."
And if you don't think Michael got it right – or if he missed an important aspect – leave a comment and tell us.

Photo by Derek Steen via Creative Commons

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